Best documentation site generators in 2020

24 June, 2020

To choose the best documentation site generators I picked the ones that had

  • Ease of use

  • Markdown support (MDX is a plus)

  • Pretty without effort

  • Integration with other tools

  • Dark mode

Table of contents

1. Dokz#

Dokz is what powers the post you are reading, this probably means it has even good SEO

You can find dokz used in the wild in projects like genql and landing-blocks

The main features are

  • MDX support

  • Dark mode

  • Can be integrated with existing website

  • Deploy in 2 minutes with Vercel

  • Themeable code snippets

  • React components Playground

  • Blog built in

Docusaurus powers many facebook open source projects like react and react native

  • MDX support

  • Dark mode

  • Document Search

  • Versioning support

  • Blog built in

Mkdocs is a tool written in python that takes markdown files and generates a documentation website

Mkdocs default theme is not very good, but using the material theme the look is pretty good

You can find many python projects that use mkdocs, some examples are starlette and uvicorn

VuePress is very good if you are already using vue components for you website, you can use them in your documentation too

  • Vue components in markdown

  • Generates a lightweight static website

Doctocat is a gatsby theme developed by Github to power the github documentation

However you need to learn how to use Gatsby themes before using Doctocat proficiently

Docup is a single JavaScript file that fetches Markdown file and renders it as a beautiful one-page documentation.

Docup is built with Preact, the entire bundle (with CSS) is just 30kB minified and gzipped.